AAA Live Sound Engineer Services

AAA Live Sound Engineers can fully handle all aspects of your live event sound production. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will customize a plan for your specific event.

A large part of the services we provide is working with existing systems and optimizing the production values and mix quaintly. Most modern systems will operate without failure in most situations from a technical perspective, but like any other professional skill... from racecar drivers to professional airline pilots, the operator is the most important variable in delivering a high quality product. We offer tour quality mix engineering with over 40 years experience. We regularly mix all kinds of events in all kinds of environments. With this experience comes expertise and flexibility.

We often travel with performers into different venues to ensure consistently high quality mixes. The first impression you make can be greatly enhanced by having a pro at the controls. Our main business is mixing music and making it sound great under any circumstance. We believe this is the single most important skill that can elevate your event above the others.


1. Small System Rental and Set-up. Perfect for small corporate events to intimate theater productions, a system will be delivered, set up and adjusted. All necessary connection options are available for interfacing CD's, iPods, MP3s, laptops... etc. An operator can be provided for these events to mix and/or system tech to ensure proper and uninterrupted operation.

2. Mid-Sized Club/Event System Rental and Set-up. Designed for musical nightclub events, talent shows, weddings, corporate dance events, benefit events, outdoor municipal music events... anything where quality presentation is demanded. A system will be delivered, set up and adjusted. This package may include an operator to mix or just a system tech if you supply your own operator. Our specialty is delivering high quality musical live performance mixes that we guarantee will meet or exceed your expectations. Operators are professionally trained to assist you and your staff in all ways to make the event impressive and memorable.

3. Large Scale Show System Rental, Set-up and Operation. Perfect for events such as outdoor municipal concerts, county fairs, motorcycle rallies, outdoor amphitheaters, and/or any outdoor event up to 10,000 people.
A variety of stage rental options are available to fit your needs and budget. Please call for details.


1. Pre-Installation
We will come to your location to evaluate the site, staging and audience coverage area. We will make recommendations on the most effective and efficient way to proceed in designing your system. This step is crucial and is often the most overlooked. Using the experience of over 5000 shows, we can make sure you get the best presentation possible under existing conditions. Our advanced experience ensures that your performers and audience enjoy the best show possible.

2. Existing System Optimization
In many cases, installed systems become less than optimal for a variety of reasons. System components can wear out and fail or experience a decrease in performance due to age, environmental conditions, and/or operating the system beyond its capabilities. A trained ear along with clear optimal system reference allows us to quickly determine the cause of failure or compromise and make appropriate recommendations.

3. Replacement System Consultation
Upgrades and new installations require the same expertise as existing systems. Please call us if you have a room or any location where you desire high quality sound reproduction for any reason. Our approach is to objectively assess your needs and expectations and make appropriate proposals. Unlike most other companies, we don't deal with only specific manufacturers so we can be unbiased and recommend the best fit for the space and budget.


Also Available from AAA Audio:

Mastering Services

  • Mastering of all formats.
  • Transfers from wav files, MP3, DAT and 2 track analog tape.
  • Physical media or online file transfers accepted.
  • Stem Mastering also available for tracked projects requiring more specific balancing and processing.
  • Final product geared towards clients preferences.
  • One revision included in regular rates.
  • Free phone consultation.

Please see our Mastering website for more information

Recording Studio C Services

  • Recording and production of all kinds of musical acts.
  • In house musicians and production teams available for solo artists to create full band arrangements.
  • High end vocal recording for hip hop artists and others creating vocal performances with prerecorded music.
  • Professional editing for special event audio productions such as wedding services, plays, social events and corporate applications.
  • Mixing of already recorded tracking projects. You bring us tracked music and we mix it in our professional studio environment with seasoned and experienced technicians.
  • Transfer and cleanup of old recordings on cassette, handheld recorders, phone recordings, 1/4" analog tape, DAT and ADAT

Please see the Recording Studio C website for more information

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